Construction smells

The fresh cement smell assaulted my nose this morning. Sunrise had appeared at seven-ten on Sunday, December 10, 2017. On weekends we take advantage of no construction happening.

I use two separate locations to exercise Bernie and Chris. On weekdays, we travel to vacant lots about thirteen miles from our home. Although construction goes on nearby, my dogs are isolated by walls and distance.


 This photo was taken about ten days ago. The wall in the foreground keeps Bernie and Chris well insulated from danger. They enjoy messing around as the construction continues beyond them.


The actual construction is almost a half-mile away. Housing is going up fairly rapidly. I’m wondering how much longer I will have access to this wonderful exercise area.

I suspect I will have to find another place before the 2018 ends.

This Sunday morning, as I walked next to our other exercise area, I smelled cement.

smell concrete

Less than a year ago, Bernie and Chris exercised on this vacant lot. Now a health facility is being built.

Two different exercise locations, both with construction destroying our exercise place. Oh well, that is progress.

I stop, take a few photos and notice both dogs have stopped playing. They wait for my next move.


This Sunday morning, it is much warmer, more than twenty degrees warmer, than the forty-degree weather and stiff, cold wind I experienced earlier in the week. The smell is different too.

This place smells of concrete while the other smells of fresh, unpolluted air of the country.

Oh, once in a while the diesel perfume of a passing train irritates my nose… but it only happens once a month; if I happen to be there when the train is scheduled to make its mile-long run to Phoenix.

It has been a long-forced vacation for me. Not much to write about during this holiday season. Bernie and Chris have been wonderful, monotonously so. (no complaints there!)

But, sometimes it makes it a challenge to share information.

However, this coming week will be very different.

My impatient waiting is ending.

On Wednesday I bring the Casita from storage and park it in front of my home. I have less than forty-eight hours to prepare it for our short camping trip in Quartzsite.

I will load it with supplies, top off fresh water, fully charge the battery, and a full tank of high octane gas for the Toyota.

I’m emotionally fully charged with anticipation. I have been for weeks!

2 thoughts on “Construction smells

  1. Marilyn Granger

    Excited for you. An adventure is always fun and I love camping (really missing it right now. ) It is perfect weather for the desert.

    Please tell me about Quartzsite. Never been and hear so much about it. Ever been to “Slab City” near Salton Sea?

    Our winds have died down except for in the canyons. I have been out cleaning the leaves in the flower beds and weeding. It is 78 and perfect out.

    Have a great Sunday Sent from my iPad



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