Is this my future? Can it by Yours?

At 9:30 Monday morning on December 4, 2017, this headline caught my attention.

Could this be in MY future? Can it be in YOUR future?

suicide machine400

Be honest… if you are over fifty… haven’t you at least thought about YOUR remaining years… and what control you want to have over them… especially…

“when it’s Your Time?”

If you can calmly sit down with a cup of coffee… read the entire article. Look at it from a Far Distant perspective (like an analyst considering a world problem… not your situation).

It has some interesting perspectives.

It’s not about you… personally. It is about the human population as a whole.

(you might find it interesting the animal population isn’t considered)

Well, after all, some animals are for our consumption… so they are inventoried and budgeted for our disposal.

Dogs, cats and other domesticated pets are not involved in this article. However, you have to admit; this 3D device would be a very nice way to make it available for pet owners to use for them as well.

I guess the greedy folks will consider this a blessing. I can envision them encouraging others to “Go ahead; it gives me your assets a lot quicker.”

(I know, I know, that’s terrible of me to entertain such thoughts.)

I can envision the funeral folks loving this idea. Right now, they have to wait for the inevitable to happen. However, with this ‘do-it-yourself’ option, they can create a market.

Back to the current reality. When you read the article… it’s short and easily understandable because of the graphic charts… you can relate to YOUR future hospital or health care concerns.

You know how frequent those unsettling articles are… the ones about which nursing home or assisted-living community. (The articles you don’t want even to see… or be reminded about.)

Oh well. Like it or not… sometime within the next three or five or ten or even fifteen years… (unless something else happens) you will make your decision.

Or not.

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