Great Deal … $7.50

On the last day of November, 2017, I found Challenges and Rewards, my book about Bernie and Chris on sales at Kobo for $7.50. 


The same book costs $19.99 on AMAZON



Also… the color photo version is available in Kindle Edition for $4.99

(those FIVE-star book reviews from four people are encouraging).


Other than finding a great price for my book, the only activity we have is our Thursday Therapy visit at one o’clock.

Bernie and Chris are very frisky these days. It has to be the cool weather. I’ve noticed it as well. The last few days the temperature has been less than 80 degrees at its highest point in the afternoon.

At 59 degrees, I wear a wool hat and coat and long pants when we exercise at seven o’clock in the morning. I want to be warm.

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