What’s in your wallet or purse?

About thirty years ago, I was introduced to that exercise. At that time, it was used to introduce how easily we become attached to our daily habits. It was a useful way to show how much old stuff (our old habits) we carried around.

Yes, some habits should remain. But some old habits need to be replaced.

I replaced an old habit the other day.

More than forty years ago, I enjoyed running. When I ran or jogged, I didn’t stop. That was the way it was done. For years I entered short and long distance runs or races. I never won or even placed. But it was wonderful exercise.

Later, when I wasn’t able to run, I walked. I kept the same habit. Once I started walking, I never stopped.

What’s the point?

The point is that I never stopped. I never realized that walking wasn’t a race.

I never realized that to stop was to allow myself to appreciate what I was missing.

I walked by Bernie and Chris play fighting… my eyes were focused ahead.

I walked by a gorgeous sunrise or sunset… or a evolving cloud being formed.

I walked by a struggling weed thrusting through a sidewalk crack.

I was too busy and focused walking to stop and enjoy the moment… whatever that moment might happen to be.

My fast walk habit dictated how I spent my day.

I don’t walk anymore… I dawdle.

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