Bernie and Chris’s Thanksgiving

Sal used to be my neighbor. He is a busy guy. He is active in church and does minor landscaping and washes dozens of the Park Model homes in the RV resort.

He loves Bernie and they easily bonded. I wrote a couple stories how Sal fixed Bernie’s breakfast in my book Challenges and Rewards.

Although Sal moved away last year, he continues to work in the RV Resort and brought a complete cooked turkey for Bernie and Chris.

That’s right… for Bernie and Chris. Not for me.

No complains from me. He bought a complete dinner for me. But the huge bird was only for the dogs.

It was unexpected… and much appreciated.

I plunged both hands into the huge pile of turkey meat. Both dogs were attracted by the smell and sat patiently nearby.


They knew I would feed them.

It was quite an undertaking. It took about twenty minutes to separate all the meat from the bone. When my first part was finished, both bones and meat were lumped together in the original container.

To wash my hands was what Bernie and Chris were waiting for. You know how difficult it is to get turkey grease and fat off your hands.

Bernie and Chris enjoyed the challenge. Bernie used his tongue on my left hand, while Chris navigated between the fingers of my right hand.

Within a minute, both hands were slick for the real wash with hot water and soap.

The next step required getting my hands all greasy again. I transferred the bones into a large pot I previously filled with water.


Then the dogs got another opportunity to lick my fingers clean. By now they were pros. Again, within a minute my hands were under hot water, and I was scrubbing them clean.

With clean hands, I transferred the water filled pot to the stove. The contents would boil and simmer for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, Bernie and Chris had not left the kitchen. There was all that turkey meat sitting on the kitchen counter.

As long as I touched the meat, the dogs knew they would have another opportunity to lick my fingers.

I got out Ziploc bags and aluminum foil. Then I transferred globs of turkey meat into individual Ziploc bags. I made a dozen small packets. Once I aluminum foil wrapped them, I’d freeze them for their future meals.

For the last time, my fingers were licked clean by Bernie and Chris. A hot water and soap wash and I was finished for a few hours.

The dogs realized their licking snack was over and quickly left the kitchen.

In a few hours, when the boiling broth cools, and I separate any small bones, the broth will be placed in containers. It will flavor their kibble.

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