A slight therapy schedule shuffle

Thursday, November 16th was a double duty day for Bernie and Chris. Usually, we schedule only one therapy visit a day. However, one facility had requested we come in the afternoon.

We visit between four and five different facilities during the week. There are different types of facilities serving a variety of folks. Some are nursing homes while other facilities specialize. Bernie and Chris are comfortable in all environments.

One facility has multiple clients that come at different times during the week. We have been going there a few years; sometimes we see the same people while other times we may only see them a few times a year.

One group, missing our visits, asked us to change our ‘routine’ so they would be there when we visited.

How could we refuse?

Rescheduling isn’t a major problem, after all, Bernie and Chris’s primary function is to serve.

They were delighted to see us. I took the opportunity to present them with a copy of my book, Challenges and Rewards.

cactus book

While Bernie is being petted, Chris isn’t happy being restrained by the volunteer.

The visit was interrupted when someone experienced an episode in another room. An ambulance team was called and responded with flashing lights and sirens. We were quickly herded into another room so the responders could enter the building. Isolated, we didn’t see who was transported to the hospital.

In the almost five years visiting health-care facilities, this was the first time we were present when emergency services were called.

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