There’s something about a full moon

That statement sticks in my mind. There’s something about a full moon. Last night I couldn’t sleep. That’s not unusual for me. However, it was last night.

What made it even more unusual is what I did about it… just about midnight. I got up and went outside and took a picture of the moon.

Then, this morning when I logged on the computer and read my email, I heard the same crazy ‘can’t sleep’ from two people. One in Ireland and the other in Colorado. Neither have sleep problems, but like me, they couldn’t sleep.

Neither of them got up and took a picture of the moon, though it was plainly visible to both of them.

Here’s my midnight photo: moon500 

However, the fun began later this morning. It was now close to seven o’clock Sunday morning, November 5, 2017.

I put Bernie and Chris in the car and were driving to our favorite exercise spot about thirteen miles from the house. As I looked west, I noticed the full moon was still hanging up there big and bright. It was dropping as I drove.

Yesterday, I had a similar experience. At that time, I envisioned an opportunity to have a ‘Kodak Moment.’ I was almost in the perfect position. The full moon was descending in the west while the sun was about to appear in the east. I wanted to capture both events.

It didn’t happen.

In my excitement, I didn’t notice massive gray cloud banks quickly infiltrating both horizons. Before my eyes, the entire skyscape changed. Both the moon and rising sun disappeared behind solid cloud banks.

Although there were interesting events during the day, the lost ‘Kodak Moment’ stuck. Was it why I was so compelled to take that midnight photo?

With that thought in mind, I glanced at the sky and sure enough… the full moon was challenging me… dangling full in the sky. I checked to the east, and the glow of the rising sun teased me to hurry to capture its rise.

I knew I couldn’t wait to reach our specific exercise spot. I pulled over, grabbed the camera and got out of the car… seeking the right spots to compose more than just a couple of white and yellow-orange globes.

Here’s the result:  moon508

It is difficult to see tiny white dot above the trees. The full moon with a pale yellow-cream tint from the western landscape.


 The rising eastern sun highlights both the trees and the church spire. The time was 7:02 AM with a temperature of 65 degrees, Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “There’s something about a full moon

  1. josephlacey12

    Hi Julie… my personal world grows smaller as I try to escape the crazy things the rest of the population seems destined to experience.

    I leave for Quartzsite early Friday morning for a few days. Test the solar and ourselves in the desert. Hopefully the biggest hurdle is hauling the battery from the back of the house to the Casita. (what a pain, but necessary)


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