Five dogs… meet again

What a terrific Saturday this November 4th has turned out to be. It was almost seven this morning when we drove to the desert. On the way, I thought I was about to have a great ‘Kodak Moment.’

The full moon was brilliant in the west, and I was less than two miles from our special desert spot. If I timed it just right, I could capture the moon one minute, and a few minutes later, I’d take a full sunrise appearing in the east.

So much for great photo plans.

The road curves on the way and with the curve came a low full solid cloud bank. The moon disappeared.

Turning to the east, I found similar banks of gray clouds in the east. No sun would be appearing for at least an hour.

Disappointed, I let the dogs out. It didn’t make any difference to Bernie and Chris. They happily ran off to play and investigate.

I decided to take a different direction and started walking east. After about fifteen minutes, I started circling back to the car. In the west distance, I spotted a figure in yellow. Too distant to know whether it was male or female. Enough brush between us didn’t allow knowing if the person had a single dog or more.

She, as it turned out, spotted me and turned east. Unknown to me, Bernie and Chris had already alerted on her dogs. They both flew to meet all three, and I recognized Mary and Cooper, Cargo and Gracie. Mary doesn’t own these dogs. She is dog-sitting while Leslie and Nancy enjoy a two-week cruise.

Here’s the background.

Last year, about September, I first met Mary, Cooper, Cargo, and Gracie while I was exercising Bernie and Chris. It was before the coyotes bunched up and made my decision to vacate this desert spot.

Mary was the dog sitter for Leslie and Nancy. Both had day jobs part of the week, so Mary was the designated dog exerciser.

It was the only time I ever saw Mary. The rest of the time it was either Leslie or Nancy that exercised the dogs.

As things happen, the meeting times clashed with their work schedules and within a month Bernie and Chris were alone again.

One good thing happened, though. Leslie told me about the vacant lot thirteen miles away. So, when I did vacate the desert, we had a wonderful place to exercise.

Meanwhile, we never saw Leslie, Cooper, Cargo or Gracie again.

That situation changed this morning and again this evening. The early morning 72 degrees turned out to be a balmy 84 degrees at four in the afternoon when we all met again.

Bernie and Chris are easily recognizable.

However, this is the first photos of Cooper, an old Golden Retriever with the gray muzzle and Cargo a young, beautiful Golden Retriever. That gray/black mutt of Heinz mixture is Gracie whose passion is rolling in the dirt. She is also independent and will wander off if you don’t watch her like a hawk.

 five dogs.400 5 dogs.400

Mary is trying to get the dogs to sit/stay and get out of the photo. Cargo is next to Mary and is very protective of her. If Mary tries to pet another dog (she tried to pet Bernie), Cooper got between them and wouldn’t let her do it.

All these dogs enjoy playing with each other. We never have a problem, and as dog handlers, we find it exciting to have dogs be so social without causing any problems. No leashes. Total freedom.

Tomorrow morning each of us will journey to our specific areas miles away for exercise. However, about four in the afternoon, we plan to be back here in the desert for more dog play.

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