My dog’s food


When Bernie and Chris do therapy dog visits, I often get asked what food I feed them.

What you see is the morning dish of October 16, 2017. I feed them twice a day.

Bernie gulps his food. To prevent Bernie from wolfing down his food, I have a special domed bowl for him. The dome makes him feed around the entire dish. While doing so, he has to take small bites.

Chris has the same amount in his bowl. Chris can be a picky eater. At least he doesn’t gulp down his food. He eats what he wants and leaves the rest.

I check to make sure Chris eats enough food. Once I make sure, Bernie is waiting to clean Chris’s dish. When Bernie finishes… Chris’s dish has a mirror finish.

I heat their food. Brown rice and oatmeal heated in water. Then the rest of the ingredients are mixed in.

The fresh food ingredients are carrots, green beans, and red bell peppers.

They also get vitamins. I use for most of the vitamins and supplements. Specifically: Fresh Factors tablets, Joint Health tablets and liquid Skin and Coat oil. They get their honey in granule form in Bug Off Garlic.

I also use Dr. Jones Ultimate Canine Health Formula powdered supplements.

The vitamins and supplements are mixed with their kibble. Costco’s Kirkland Nature Domain brand. Bernie and Chris enjoy the Salmon and Sweet Potato mix.  

Treats? Of course, they have treats. Probably too many.

Cheese and peanut butter are favorites. Anything else is a gamble for Chris. Chris turns his nose up at most traditional dog bone, and ‘meaty’ treats.

Bernie will eat anything. Period.

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