Not my dog….

It was somewhere about three Sunday morning; the moon showed a single quarter-opened eye in an inky black sky. Only a few pinpricks of light for stars.

Half of October was over. A warm wind was blowing out of the north with 76 degrees registered on my outdoor thermometer.

The reason I was even aware of all this night activity was I heard a dog bark. I’d been working on the computer. This quiet community doesn’t have noise of any kind, so a barking dog got my attention.

I’d been up since about two. I needed a poster board I’d bought earlier and hadn’t brought it in from the car. So, I opened the front door, went down the porch steps, grabbed it from the rear of the SUV and went back inside the house.

I’d be cutting it up later, but right now I wanted to get back to my writing. The next hour I was at the computer.

That’s when I heard the dog barking. It wasn’t a constant barking. Just a few adult dog barking sounds.

I’m more than paranoid when dogs bark after dark… and with good reason.

The winter visitors are back. Barking dogs are a huge violation of park rules… especially when it is after ten at night and before seven in the morning.

I went outside to investigate. Bernie and Chris weren’t in the back yard. I didn’t hear any more barking.

I went back inside and softly called them. Nothing. I checked their normal spots.

Not behind the bed. Not under my computer desk. Not behind the chair in the living room. That’s it. I live in a very small house.

I opened the front door. Both dogs were standing at the foot of the porch stairs. Not a sound. They just looked at me.

Apparently, they had silently followed me out and slipped behind me. I’d opened the back of the SUV, grabbed the single sheet of poster board, slammed the rear door, walked back upstairs, shut the porch gate, went through the door, and turned off the light.

Bernie and Chris were left outside. They had at least an hour to explore. I have no idea if they stayed right at the foot of the porch steps… or if they explored the area.

The night was quiet. I hope it stays that way. My dogs are inside, and the dog door is secured.

2 thoughts on “Not my dog….

  1. Marilyn Granger

    That has to make you so proud and happy to have well trained and obedient dogs. Scary for a second I am sure. Freckles has been in her crate for a while with no pleas to get out. I’d like to get her into the other bedroom. We shall see if I can accomplish it. We have friends (Doug and Deanna) whom I think I have mentioned before. They have an older trailer. I 1993 Terry. Nice trailer and they have taken so good care of it. They have talked for several years about looking a new one. They have done research and all. Finances have been the drawback. They asked us to go to the RV show at Pomona Fairplex. This is the grand daddy of shows. That was Tuesday. Spent 7 hours looking and yes they start looking alike. Just before closing they had pretty much made a decision. Spent a couple more hours making it happen. Standard questions, credit check, finances and down payment to order it. A really nice trailer!! Ben said it would be his choice.The next afternoon the teacher I worked with last year sent me a text saying they were at the rv show. I suggested looking at the Wildcat.  OMG…they too ordered one. They next day, Ben is driving the hospital shuttle and spots his brother-in-law, Dan. He drives up and asks if he wants a life. Says he can’t find his car. Common occurrence at the hospital. Ben gives him a life and asks what has him at the hospital. Dan is there to pick up Ben’s sister, Candy, as she had a pace maker implant. We had no idea. Ben later sees his other sister, Pat, whom he hasn’t seen in years (her choice and some health issues). Ben gets to spend just a few minutes as he is “working.”   What does this lead up to….I get home and Ben greets me with, “Marilyn, we are spring chickens.” I am like what does that mean. He explains that his sisters and brother-in-law are “old” and we need to enjoy like and camp like crazy.So our reaction….not good. We went and bought the same trailer. No fool like an old fool!!! So now we will have to clean out the trailer and try to sale it as they will give us nothing for it. It was short weekend as the school had their Tricycle Rodeo. The kids get sponsors for laps the make…wear cowboys boots and hats. We have several games, a petting zoo, and pony rides. 7/11 brings donuts and coffee, we have a bake sale and raffle off baskets. It is our big money maker and yesterday turned out good. Must close as I was asked to bake a cake for “bosses week” and I just took it out of the oven. Take care 


  2. josephlacey12

    Where do I start!

    I am Super Happy for you. Great decision to upgrade your RV (especially if it needs it).
    I’ve been to Pomona RV show at least twice.
    You must live in a small community to actually have so many relatives living nearby…

    Freckles… Does she have some favorite toys or a blanket? Put them in the room near where you want to place the crate… Do it a few days before… and see if it works for her to locate them and feel comfortable with them… and perhaps she will accept that room as being okay for her to sleep well. Just a thought.


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