Just Sharing…

Friday, the 13th of October was a wonderful day. I didn’t even realize it was the dreaded ‘Friday the 13th.’

During our six AM early morning exercise walk, my head filled with exciting website plans. As part of my marketing plan for my recent book, Challenges and Rewards, I have both a website (BernieAndChris.com) and a Facebook page.

My friend, Robi, suggested I interview people who adopt rescue dogs.

How do people and dogs enjoy each other? For the dog, it’s easy. Dogs give unconditional love.

Now, I haven’t seen any of these trucks in Surprise or Phoenix, Arizona but they roam several places in Seattle, Washington and Tulsa, Oklahoma and other areas in the USA.

food truck2 food truck4

 They park them near public parks. The menu is just for dogs.

That’s one way people enjoy spending time with their dog when they go to the park.

Later Friday, while at the vet, I met Carol. She owns Maddie Rose, an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix. Carol takes her therapy dog to visit children at the Phoenix Children Hospital. She will share her story on my website.

Robi will share her story too. Robi has adopted rescue dogs for many years. She has three and sometimes four dogs leash-attached to her as she exercises. They obediently trot alongside as she navigates around Phoenix streets.

Folks enjoy playing games, like frisbee, with their dogs.


Bernie and Chris’s website and facebook is an exciting project.

They always provide me daily enjoyment. We look forward to therapy visits. Now they even have an announcement card. 

BC business card

I am actively seeking volunteers to share how their dog improves their life..

2 thoughts on “Just Sharing…

  1. josephlacey12

    I hope you are considering allowing me to share your stories with others… Your extensive dog experience can assist people… your suggestions have helped me.

    I gather you are now taking Ryan to the Veteran’s Hospital



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