The Perfect Answer

My friend, John, is about my age and rides his bike all over Phoenix three times a week. It takes him at least three hours, and he probably rides more than thirty miles during each exercise period.

He showed me his bike helmet. He’s got grand-kids, and while looking at some toys for them, he spotted several cute ones.

It didn’t take him long to decide to make a fashion statement.

Here’s a photo of his bike helmet with the American flag. It gets a lot of attention.


Can you picture a guy nonchalantly pedaling his bike, with our American flag gaily flapping on top his helmet?

However, when he replaces the flag and plunks one of these figures on top of his helmet…

4 toys

Folks stop and ask John if the cute toy is a webcam… 

I asked what was his response.

“I just smile and let them wonder.”

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