Photo- ops

On October 3rd Bernie and Chris posed for photos.

Their day began at 5:45 while it was still dark. We drove the 13 miles to their exercise area. I walked two miles on the sidewalk while they explored the vacant homesites. This huge area was supposed to be a thriving community until housing went bust sometime in 2008.

The sidewalks have the construction logo and 2007 stamped into the concrete. The roads are paved. The streetlights come on when it gets dark and while I am walking the hint of daylight shows in the east, and they wink off.

Stone monoliths are placed strategically throughout the area. They contain individual pigeon-hole mailboxes.

Gray steel three-foot high square electric boxes dot the landscape. Future hedged shrubs will hide their ugliness.

For ten years everything has been ready for human occupancy.

As I walk, I’m hoping it will remain in this condition for another ten years. However, before my walk is over, I hear the sounds of construction about a mile away.

The entire community area encompasses more than five miles. At least two other sections are semi-occupied. The construction sounds I hear come from an adjacent section. Within a couple of years, I suppose it will fill up.

Bernie and Chris show up and start shadowing me. Bernie will walk just in front of me, matching my steady stride. Chris will try to march directly by my right side for about two minutes. Then, impatient with my slow pace, he will shoot off in front of me. He will sprint about a hundred feet and then stop, turn and look back.

I know he is urging me to hurry up and finish my walk. The car is less than a half-mile directly ahead.

My sidewalk route starts and ends at the car. They know it. About thirty minutes earlier they both jumped from the back seat to the pavement. They hit the ground running. Now, after a lot of rigorous exercises, they are tired and thirsty. If anyone saw us, they would see a guy walking and two large dogs faithfully pacing him by his side. (if they only knew) <grin>

The only reason these dogs are so placidly by me is that they are exhausted.

In another two hours, they will be at the Living Touch. That’s where they get their weekly wash and trim. Sometime before noon, I’ll pick them up and bring them home. Although I fed them before I took them to the groomers, they get a treat before we go to our one o’clock dog therapy visits.

We have a weekly visit to this facility. It is one of the several community Senior Enrichment Centers. We have been visiting for at least three years.

Today I gave them a copy of my book, “Challenges and Rewards.”

Tuesday staff-400

This group is most of the staff. My effort to have the dogs correctly pose met with total failure. There was too much distraction that got their attention. That’s why you see everyone laughing at my vain attempts to get them to pay attention to me.

We were there for over an hour. When we left, I drove to keep my commitment with Marie.

Last Tuesday, I took Bernie and Chris to meet Marie. Previously, I had written about her in my blog post, but didn’t know her name. The reason I was going was to have her meet the dogs and to find out her name.

It was after she met the dogs and we left that I realized I never took a picture of her with the dogs. I made a promise to myself to visit her today and remedy that mistake.


 This is Marie.

Without distractions, Bernie and Chris pose perfectly. <sigh>

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