I gift my book

I had a spring in my step when I brought Bernie and Chris to the long-term nursing facility on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

We have been visiting this facility for almost three years. It has become one of the special places we visit every week.

Today I brought a special gift… a copy of my first published book, Challenges and Rewards. It is available on Amazon in both print and eBook. I share more than 111 stories and probably almost sixty photos chronicling my frustration and joy training both Bernie and Chris to be certified therapy dogs.

I love these guys.

Charlotte is the manager and also an author. She writes children’s stories. We also both have dogs. We have a good relationship, and she has been very supportive of my writing efforts.


Charlotte plans to read the stories to the residents. However, one resident wanted to check out the book for herself.


Her somewhat twisted and scrunched position has been with her for several years. She has been in a wheelchair ever since I first came here about three years ago. She always has a smile, and like everyone with limited mobility, she manages to accomplish quite a lot of daily living skills. She eagerly grabs Bernie and Chris when we visit.

Charlotte and her staff have plenty of activities to keep the residents busy and their minds sharp. They also have weekly trips to stores, movies, and other entertainment activities.

Everyone, including the staff, looks forward to Bernie and Chris. I’m fortunate to be allowed to have both dogs visit at the same time. Bernie and Chris wander around. Because of their large size, the folks in wheelchairs can easily reach over and pet them.

cactus 8-21

To the delight of everyone Bernie and Chris play-fight. They put on quite a performance. It doesn’t happen every week, and it only lasts a few minutes.


Then they break off and seek someone to pet them.

Or, they might just quit and lay down and rest.

tired dogs

Every visit is always an adventure.

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