My modified bed (AWIP)

Back on July 15, 2017, when Kathie delivered my Casita, I experienced the first of many surprises.

Casita makes four different floorplans cleverly hidden beneath a single exterior travel trailer.

Katie advertised she was selling her Casita Freedom model, the exact model I wanted. She lives in Texas, and I live in Arizona. After a long phone conversation, I bought it. Within 72 hours, I had paid for it. Katie sent the title, and I promptly registered the Casita Freedom in my name.

It was almost a month later before Katie arrived in Surprise, Arizona and I got my first look. Because all Casita’s look the same from the outside, my total surprise was when I opened the door and found I hadn’t bought a Freedom, but a Liberty model.

All my conceived plans for sleeping went right out the window. The Liberty floor plan has twin beds, not the traditional full-length queen bed across the rear.

There were significant advantages to the Liberty floor plan. I travel with two large dogs… Bernie and Chris. They needed all floor space that can squeeze into 17 feet. The fact is, even after the Casita floor space, the dogs would need to squeeze themselves as well.

Me? I would have to shuffle along the floor. My issue was the single bed width. I’m a normal sized guy with broad shoulders. To start with, I had to remove the side cushions. That gives me a few inches more width to lie flat. Specifically, it gave me exactly 24 inches. With my broad shoulders, I didn’t have any wiggle room.

The AWIP stands for A Work in Progress. I’ve completed the first phase. I went to Walmart and bought a pool noodle and an 80 x 36-inch egg-crate- foam-mattress-topper.

Here’s the basic bed with the noodle positioned against the outer wall. It effectively shoves the bed out about four inches. It is enough to give me some wiggle room.

bed before

The silver lining is my first attempt to protect the cushion fabric from dog paw nails. It is the back of a tarp I’ve cut to fit both pieces.

After cutting the egg crate mattress topper to fit, this is the result.

bed after

Phase Two will be to make a tube out of a sheet. It will be open at both ends. Picture a pillowcase with both ends open. When finished, the tube will safely contain both the bed and egg crate. The sheet can be washed.

The egg crate photos well with the pattern on the upside. I don’t know if the egg pattern is supposed to be next to the bed cushion or as it displays here.

Noodles are out of season at Walmart. If I can locate one, I will modify the other bed. That will be for the dogs.

Both Bernie and Chris jumped up on my bed when I was busy preparing their meal. That’s fine with me. The more floor space I have for my feet, the better.

2 thoughts on “My modified bed (AWIP)

  1. josephlacey12

    Thanks, Julia…. I was able to ‘find’ two noodles. I’ve already installed one and I’ll install the 2nd one in a few days…

    I hope Ryan is adapting to his new lifestyle……



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