What is your name?

One of these days, I am going to ask her. She sits in the office and slides the window open as I approach.

She always has a smile for me. (well, I’ve caught her with the same open smile for anyone who approaches the window).

But, for me, she tells me how much she enjoys reading my latest blog.

Yes, it might be inappropriate for her to read my blog at work… but she does. She shares the small medical office with at least two other co-workers, and they also read my blog.

 None of these wonderful people have a Casita, nor do I think they know much about RVing.

 They do have animals, and they do know Bernie and Chris. (and they are getting to know more about me.)

 I’ve been almost a weekly client for more than two years. I’m a Type 2 diabetic, and I’ve had a lot of problems with my feet and lower leg wounds. I’ve worn a path to my favorite chair in my favorite room. Although there are several treatment rooms, I’m always in the same one.

But back to her. Because she is so interested in what I write, I write to her. That’s why my explanations are so detailed. I want her to understand.

 Sometimes I worry about boring people. I’m sure some of the things I say are so basic that people yawn… and might sigh and mutter, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

Okay, I’m guilty. But one thing I do know. A lot of the things I share are sometimes new to me. 

 I’ve spent a long time walking through life without actually have it touch me. I focused on ‘me’ and not on life. 

Bernie and Chris have helped me to see how much emotion there can be in every day. It takes time to stop and explore feelings. 

 And feelings are worth exploring. Sharing is worth exploring.

 It will be two weeks before my next doctor appointment. Two weeks before I can ask her “What is your name?”

 I’m not going to wait that long. She will be there today. I will drop by… and bring Bernie and Chris. 

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