The Hunt

It was approaching dusk on September 24, 2017, as I walked along the sidewalk. We were in our last exercise period for the day. Bernie and Chris had been very enthusiastic in their play-fight. I thought it was because the weather had turned cool. It was in the mid-70’s and from now on it would only get much cooler.

I love this weather change. It had been a brutal hot Arizona summer. It was one of the reasons I’d recently bought a used Casita travel trailer. I planned to vacate Arizona next April and travel much of the time somewhere cooler during the summer.

Suddenly, the sound of a flock of birds interrupted my thoughts. Off to my right, it looked like an entire field was raising into the air. Hundreds, if not thousands of birds flew up and tried to circle.


That rascal was the cause. He spooked the birds into flight and was racing along the ground trying to catch them. He darted in one direction, shifted his focus and charged in another direction.

The birds circled, and as long as Chris was charging back and forth, they were not able to land. Because it was dusk, the entire flock had bedded down in the tall grass for the night.

Chris loves to run and kept up the fruitless chase for more than three minutes.

At one point, he left the immediate bedding area and stood still. Within a minute some of the birds started landing. I don’t know if Chris was winded or if he had calculated they would land. Suddenly he zeroed in on a patch of grass and charged toward it.

Zip… up into the air went the bird group, and the game repeated.

Bernie was by my side, and we watched as Chris continued to pursue the birds. This time the chase was over within a few minutes. Chris turned from the still hovering flock and started running toward us.

I think the entire chase happened because two days earlier, Chris had investigated a different part of the same field and caught and killed a bird.

That could be why he was hunting in the same field this evening.

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