Thursday’s Dog Therapy Visit

We have been going to various facilities for about three years. They are all located within ten miles of my home. I concentrate on nursing homes and senior enrichment centers. We have visited schools and special events in the evening. We visit on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The visits last a minimum of 30 minutes but can be longer. All facilities have a full schedule of activities. Arriving on time is important.

All facilities will have people either in wheelchairs or sit on a couch or chair.

cactus 8-21  stroller cactus

Both Bernie and Chris are allowed to visit at the same time. It is a wonderful advantage for everyone. Both dogs are petted and just gushed over.

It is always exciting to watch them play-fight. Bernie and Chris bonded early, and part of their daily routine is to enjoy playing with each other. It is a silent dance as they whirl and dodge. First one will submit, and then the other will find himself on his back for a brief moment.

dog fight-a

I’ve never had to stop their play. Somehow, they tire within a few minutes, break apart and seek being petted.

2 dogs cactus

As a dog handler, I have an easy task. I handle the leashes as we walk in and out of the facility. Otherwise, I chat with the folks and answer questions.

After three years, I know most answers to their questions. Bernie and Chris look forward to visiting folks. Why wouldn’t they? They are loved.

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Dog Therapy Visit

  1. Julia Haggerty

    I am so very proud of you, Joe. You have done so much for your dogs, even when you didn’t feel so well. The patients do benefit

    greatly from dog therapy visits and I know this from the visits I had when I was recuperating in the hospital. You are a very good man.




  2. josephlacey12

    Thank you Julie…

    You and Clifford are mentioned in my book (but not properly identified) You probably remember I approached you at the VA and inquired how I could train a therapy dog. It was my initial introduction to the long process to today’s wonderful adventures.



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