Dogs and my shoes

This lead sentence caught my eye this morning….

“Did you catch Astro-fever as we rode the Great American Eclipse Wave?”

It reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend Nancy. She enlightened me on how the planet Mercury affect our moods and behavior as well as disrupt communications. (And here I thought it was all caused by the solar eclipse.)

Nancy wasn’t alone relating celestial objects to zodiac signs. Millions of folks allow their decisions to be influenced by the 12 constellations or signs for astrological purposes.

With the spirit of being helpful, I’ve researched the zodiac signs to match the perfect dog breed with the same characteristics and personality for folks under the sign of Virgo (August 21st to September 21st)

The Scottish Terrier is precisely the dog you need!

Scottish Terrier300

“True terriers (and Virgos) are faithful but stubborn and fastidious in their wants and needs. Things have to be just right for both of you, and people will hear about it (through lecture or barking) if it doesn’t go your way. Scotties have a very serious façade but are amazing at fun things like agility. Due to very short legs, you certainly won’t go running together. But that’s fine, because you both enjoy long, leisurely walks, enjoying nature and each other’s fascinating company.”

(quoted material from

The next topic is more down to earth… My shoes.


I first put these Crocs on very early last year. However, a leg injury sidelined me from walking until November 2016. My goal was to walk enough miles to wear these shoes out before November 2017.

Today I retired these shoes and now wear a brand-new pair of Crocs.

Yes, it’s a small thing… But it’s MY small thing. <grin>

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