Meeting The Sunrise

Meeting The Sunrise

For me, being up before dawn is worth the effort.

I don’t sleep very well… Or long. After a restless night, I might get a total of three hours’ sleep.

That can make getting out of bed before dawn difficult… But it’s worth the effort.

It means I get to start the day fresh (maybe not in my physical body sense, but with a positive mental attitude.)

I get to see the sun rise, or attempt to break through a cloudy sky.

I’ve always been a morning person. It worked out well because as a youth I had a morning paper route. My day started at four in the morning. In the summer it was still dark. In the winter it was pitch black.

It is different these days. In my youth, I delivered papers alone. I only worried about myself. I didn’t mind being in the dark.

Today, I have Bernie and Chris.

both dogs-395

When it’s dark, I worry about poisonous toads that seek moisture from the cultured landscape. I worry about rattlesnakes slithering along warm asphalt streets.

To avoid both dog dangers, I exercise Bernie and Chris at sunrise.


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