Our day begins before dawn

Our day begins before dawn

It’s dark, just a bit after five this August 25th morning in Surprise, AZ.

before sunrise

I like this time of the day. The temperature is only 84 degrees. This is the time of year the weather shifts from miserable hot to iffy.

It’s almost Fall. We could have wonderful weather or we could experience wild winds and lashing rain. Today will be calm. The temperature will be less than 100 degrees… maybe.

However, it doesn’t affect me because I time my exercise periods with Bernie and Chris to escape the heat. Most of the time we also escape high winds and pouring rain as well. That stuff happens after the sun comes up.

I don’t exercise the dogs where I live. They require space to run and the neighborhood has leash rules. So, I take them in the car to various isolated areas. Today it is thirteen miles away. It takes about twenty minutes. It’s worth it for the peace and quiet.

I’m still trying to capture a clear photo of them play-fighting. They swiftly wheel and dart… most of my attempts result in blurry photos.


However, this morning I was able to capture them as they faced off.

face off b-c

 You can see Chris is tense, poised to attack with his tail flared up high. Bernie is alertly waiting. You can read his expression …” Bring it on!”

I walk the sidewalks as they romp and play and investigate the barely landscaped fields.

The location is a housing development. It was an ambitious project that stopped during the housing crash of 2007. I know that because of the date stamped in the sidewalk. However, about 2015 construction began in one of the many sections. I suspect within a few years the section we play in will be under construction. We will have to find somewhere else. Meanwhile, this is our spot every morning.

As the sun starts to appear, our exercise is finished. I open the car door and both dogs leap into the back seat. Time to go home and have breakfast. It’s a little after six in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Our day begins before dawn

  1. josephlacey12

    I want to include more dog stories… but since I’ve had them for four years… and chronicled everything in my book “Challenges and Rewards” (that will be published in September)… it can be a bit difficult to say something new and exciting However, I always get excited just watching them and knowing how obedient they are to my commands.



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