I bought the Casita for you…

I bought the Casita for you…

I was on the phone with Katie this afternoon when she dropped a bombshell. “I bought the Casita for you,” she said.

Katie is only a year older than me, but it gets even stranger. My birthday is April 14th, and she was born on April 15th.

We both have a strong attachment to the land and its history. Our generation grew up with books, and we both enjoy reading our linked history as it pertains to the birth of America.

Here’s the point. Although Katie bought the Casita new in 2010, she only used it for about a year. She took two long trips in it. The rest of the time it has been in storage.

The reason? Tom, her husband of more than 50 years, developed severe health problems. It sidelined their entire travel plans.

It turns out my potential travel plans mirror her intended plans. During our initial conversation, she realized this and decided that she had bought the Casita for me to own and travel a very similar path she hoped to travel.

That’s a woman’s thinking, I’m sure. <grin> Katie has a long history of personal and professional accomplishments. I value her recommendations and enjoy our time together.

At this point, I am doing everything wrong. At least that is what sage heads tell me. I didn’t plan it that way. Circumstances just happened.

For example, you are supposed to take a very short shakedown trip. Preferably very close to home… Maybe in your driveway. That way, when everything goes haywire, you can shut the door and go back inside to your home with electricity, running water and a comfortable bed for the night.

Or, if you want to rough it, you can try a nearby campground and do the traditional full hook up routine. You still have the safety net of a car to hop in, drive to McDonald’s for dinner and then go home and come back tomorrow.

Me? Well, I’ve yet to sleep in the Casita. The dogs have yet to stay in the Casita for more than ten minutes. We haven’t done the entire full hookups because the closest thing to electricity is an extension cord from the house for a couple of days.

In other words, my shakedown trip will be over 500 miles from Surprise, Arizona. I will be a wimp with full hookups at Pagosa Springs campground in Colorado from September 14-17.

Surviving that, we will trek back to Surprise… Much wiser in towing, backing and otherwise maneuvering the Casita. Hopefully, some veteran travel trailer owners will share their many tips and tricks.

How will Bernie and Chris adapt to many new adventures? Their sleeping quarters will be quite tight in the Casita.

At home, they have the run of the house. Usually close together, I find them in or outside the bathroom. Or they are clustered under my computer desk… Or Bernie is snuggled next to an outside wall while Chris is sprawled out close by.  sleep bc-300

While traveling, they will have ample opportunity to stretch their legs and obtain relief. The Toyota inhales fuel at about ten miles per gallon. Not trusting the fuel gauge, when it reads half-full, I look for a gas station. Each fuel stop I’ll let the dogs out.

At least that’s the plan.

With my new iPhone camera, I’ll record the entire adventure. I may not have Internet access, so my blog posts could be delayed until I return.

Daylight is burning, and I’ve yet to decide what to pack.

3 thoughts on “I bought the Casita for you…

  1. Marilyn

    I am surprised that you don’t get better gas mileage. Our 2006 F250 gets 10 mpg pulling the trailer and yes we make frequent stops at that rate. We were so pleased driving to Colorado as the car averaged 30.8 mpg with the air on and traveling at 80 mph. I think our best was at 32 mpg. It makes it nice as far as the mileage, but the pit stops are a stretch!


  2. josephlacey12

    I’ve known about the terrible gas mileage when I bought the car (used). I bought it for it’s ability to pull the Casita … but mainly for the comfort. I didn’t use the air… but when I do… I expect the mpg to drop even more…

    With gas so low (I was used to high 3’s… I am fine… (well, not really… who doesn’t want 20+ mpg)



  3. Chet Parks

    Well Joe, now that you have another trailer, I hope you can avoid dump truck tail gates with this one. Also, you should avoid incidents when dumping your tanks. I seem to recall you have had extensive experience with these issues in your younger and wilder days.



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