I almost watched the solar eclipse

I almost watched the solar eclipse

We experienced cloud cover at Camp Verde, Arizona. It was probably a good thing. The announcement over the radio cautioned keeping animals from looking directly into the sun.

Animals have their own clock. When it gets dark, they revert to their normal habits. For some, it is sleeping while others start to hunt.

They instinctually know when it is supposed to be light and dark. This solar ellipse interrupted their normal pattern.

Because it was different, their curiosity might cause them to look to the sky, and focus directly on the sun.

Well, that was what the folks on the radio said.

I was at Konrad’s place. He’s doing some work on the Casita. I was all set to put Bernie and Chris in the car. It would protect them from the sun.

Konrad -Chris

Konrad (that’s him) was waiting for me. Both dogs were still in the car. Chris, always the inquisitive one, enjoys looking at his potential new surroundings.

The clouds made it unnecessary to shield the dogs from the solar ellipse. Also, both dogs were too busy bothering the horses next door.

bother horse

Konrad has lived here for about seven years. The place is rural, with aged mobile homes, stick homes and a mixture of other dwellings. I’ve no idea how old they are.

Every lot is of a different size and shape. I doubt there is a housing code. Konrad’s back yard neighbor has at least some horses.  

horse barn +

The temperature at 2000 feet was just a bit over 100 degrees. The clouds came and went; thus, this photo was taken in full sun. The horses, both outside under the overhang and in the barn kept swishing their tails and giving that shiver to brush the flies off.

Mobile homes are added on… Some multiple times. Most yards have outbuildings.

add on bldg

The foreground is one structure. That’s Konrad’s Casita in the middle ground. In addition to two cars, he has a Harley and a red scooter. The brown shed is only six feet deep. His workshop is the large building behind it.

His home is difficult to describe. I couldn’t even figure out its actual shape. It just seemed to go on from one room to another and required turning in all four directions to explore. He’s only lived there about seven years. He said he “bought it from an old guy.”

The neighborhood is not cookie cutter. The structures are different shapes, styles, colors. Assorted vehicles dot the entire neighborhood.

With horses, there are flies. Rural communities have assorted noises. Powerful log cutting motors rip the air, drowning out the hoot of an owl (or some persistent bird sound, I am not exactly sure).

The slight breeze smells of cut grass. It is peaceful and soothing quiet. Such sounds bring back long-ago memories.

We arrived at nine and the work was finished by noon.  Towing the Casita was a smooth trip with very nice weather. I had all the windows down without need of air conditioning. That helped on the fuel mileage.

My old Toyota SUV only gets about 14 mpg without towing in overdrive. When I tow, I average only 11 mpg. However, the comfort is worth it as long as the fuel prices stick in the low two bucks per gallon range.

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