I’m feeling much better now…

I’m feeling much better now…

 Physically I am fine. However, mentally I had some issues with the Casita.

Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation. Your life is filled with all kinds of events, some good and some not so pleasant. You deal with it and it becomes your normal routine.

And then it happens. There is this one thing that earns your “my bad penny” monkey on your back. Usually it is something mechanical… like a washing machine or a lawn mower or other mechanical device that always breaks down or doesn’t start… you know what I’m talking about.

For me… lately I have started to get into a mental funk when it comes to the Casita. At first, when it was a surprise, I chalked it up to a single event.

Then something else happened. Then a third thing happened and I started playing memory tapes; “Things happen in three’s.”

However, that theory collapsed when the fourth issue cropped up. My elevated mood slumped.

Last Friday, I got a major dose of freezing water with a $600 bill for a complete new set of brakes for the Casita.

I was still mumbling over that… when I found I didn’t have any brakes. It was after six o’clock on Friday and the shop was closed. Not only was the shop closed but they were going on a weeks’ vacation.

I stewed about it for a day. My carefully laid plans were totally destroyed. I started digging a negativity rut. (I hate when that happens).

Today, everything that was wrong, turned was fixed. The reason I didn’t have any brakes … wasn’t the shop’s fault… it was because I hadn’t correctly set my brake controller.

To share an example… suppose the basement light doesn’t work when you turn on the switch. You ask your neighbor to come over and turn on the light switch while you go down in the basement and check the light.

He comes over and turns on the light switch. You don’t see the light turn on. So, you change the bulb. And it still doesn’t work.

However, the problem is the neighbor turned on the kitchen light switch, not the basement light switch. They happen to be placed next to each other.

That is what I did. The brake controller has a single control with two functions. I didn’t correctly set my brake controller to activate the Casita brakes. John came and helped me. (I don’t multi-task well.)




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