Through my blurry eye….

Through my blurry eye….

Good Monday morning on the last day of July 2017

It was already 5:20 this cloudy morning before we got in the car and started on our 13-mile trip to the exercise area. Because it was going to be daybreak before we arrived there, I got to see the sky with all its colorful hues.

Actual bands of different gray and blue-gray were in the west, while a very pretty golden yellow was in the east as the sun tried to break through a more lighter cloud cover.

At the parking spot, rain drops almost dripped on the windshield. It would finally become one of the fourteen inches of rain that would fall.

To be fair, when such an event happens, we gauge the amount of rain by the distance between rain drops. In this case between two single drops of Arizona rain… is fourteen inches. <grin>

There was enough moisture to cause a full rainbow to emerge… and that made my walk a pleasure. The dogs seem to like it too.

In addition to their usual play-fight… as they danced side by side down the deserted street. Today they seemed to want to be close to me. Both Bernie and Chris came back to me several times. They wanted to be petted and stroked and talked to.

I don’t know why. It isn’t something they do every day. Usually, they scamper off and investigate and then make their way to catch up to me… or run back to me since they ventured out ahead of me.

However, today, they moseyed alongside me for about two-thirds of my personal exercise walk.

By now the sun was fully up, and the entire panoramic sky had settled down to light gray with a lot of blue. I was back at the car, with the back-door open… waiting for both dogs to make their way to jump into the back seat.

Bernie sets himself to leap into the back seat. Sometimes he makes it in one leap, though most of the time he manages to place his rear paw about half-way on the frame of the back seat and hitch himself the rest of the way.

Chris launches himself from about five feet away and becomes a straight bullet directly into the back seat. Bernie is always somewhat in the way, but Chris narrowly manages to slip between him and the back-seat cushion.

Both front windows fully down and both back windows halfway down, it’s somewhat humid 82 degrees at 6 is as we start back home. We stop at QuickStop for fuel before finally arriving home by 6:30 am.

I’ll call my Toyota car place and make an appointment for spark plugs and check whether the air bag leak can be fixed or if I need a replacement. I need airbags to tow the Casita.

A wise woman once told me to “plan as if…” I am still hoping to be able to make the September rally.

I need to make an appointment with Konrad in Camp Verde to install the flexible battery cable, and battery cut off switch and upgrade converter.

My 2010 Casita converter doesn’t produce a pure sine wave. I’m told a pure sine wave is much preferred when using computers and other electronic devices.


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