joe casita-1-400

The photo was taken before the 70-mph rain and wind storm smashed through Sunflower RV Resort on July 29, 2017.

The photo was taken around 11 in the morning. The storm rolled through about 5 in the afternoon. There was extensive damage to more than a dozen park model awnings and carports. Lots of thin aluminum slats and entire aluminum carport pieces were ripped off and tossed around.

On the personal side, I am deeply grateful for all the work John did to help me get ready for any future trips. The fridge drip pan water hose was replaced. It was plastic and had totally rotted in pieces. At least six LEDs of the right taillight were not working. We replaced it. The latch to the hot water cover was gone. That was replaced.

When you own an RV, there is always some tweaking to be done. A dome cap to replace, an interior screw to tighten. It reminds me of the old-time engineer that works on engines. They always have a rag and some tool in their hand as they walk around their pride and joy.

Right now, my physical safety comes first. I have to face that my September trip will probably be canceled. 

Once my eye heals, the next step is cataracts. I must see to drive. Also, the car has to be able to safely tow the Casita.

While towing the Casita to Coyote Pass RV Storage facility, we noticed the Toyota and Casita were not level. We pulled up to the air pump to inflate my air bags. We heard the hissing as we attempted to inflate the bags. After 7 years, I am sure they will require replacement, not repair… but I could be wrong. 

Tomorrow I will contact my Toyota shop and chat with them. I know I need new spark plugs. I must have air bags. I will also have the transmission fluid checked.

Until my vision improves, I can’t find or fix much in the Casita. I want to put up some insulation in the windows. Home Depot has flexible insulation rolls.

With corrected vision, I can tow the Casita, I will take it to Konrad and leave it. I want him to install a flexible battery cable, the quick battery disconnect and the upgraded converter. 

Although I might want some other stuff done, I have to save for those items.

Canceling the September trip to Pagosa Springs is a huge disappointment. However, personal safety is Job ONE. 

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