Through my blurry left eye

Through my blurry left eye


It’s exactly four in the afternoon of July 28, 2017. I emphasize exactly for a reason.

For the first time in three days, I am able to make out images… just barely.

Here’s the story.

It is a continuation of my initial trip to Camp Verde area a little more than a week ago. I wrote about it in another blog. I found out that I couldn’t see the highway signs.

I made an appointment with my eye doctor. He told me I had some sort of film on my cornea of my left eye. He also reminded me that I had cataracts in both eyes that needed correcting.

With my upcoming September Fiberglass rally in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I decided to take care of the film process first.

I didn’t realize just how much it would affect my vision. Besides the constant tearing, everything is blurry.

Couple the blurry vision with the extreme triple-digit temps and high humidity… I’m not a happy camper. Well, to be more precise, I can’t do much of anything. I can’t see to find things or fix things, and I can’t see to drive.

Thus, it’s time for the other shoe to drop.

Resort management tells me I need to move the Casita. It’s been parked in front of my park model too long. (I intended to move it more than a week ago…but if you’ve read my blog you know why I haven’t been able to).

I did find a storage unit about four miles away. However, without vision in my left eye, I can’t move it… let alone back into place. I have yet to back it up even once.

Friend John is throwing me a lifeline. He’s coming over tomorrow morning, and we will move the Casita to the storage place, and he will park it. I’m not going to put the cover over it. I still have hopes my eye will be healed enough to make the September rally.

I bought a wonderful step expander. Harbor Freight has them for less than $40. They are aluminum, fold into a small area and support up to 350 pounds. My big size 11 feet don’t fit on the Casita single step. This platform allows me to easily step down without scraping the back of my leg on the Casita.  step-400

One other improvement I’ve made is to cover the bench seats. The only reason is, so Bernie and Chris won’t potentially tear the fabric. I bought a tarp (Harbor Freight) for one side. I had an old tarp from Home Depot that worked for the other side.

Before:   seat cushion

After:     cushions-a400  That’s it until my sight improves.

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