My Casita week in review

My Casita week in review

It’s finally Friday. Katie delivered the Casita on July 15. The temperature was in triple digits, and it stayed there. Unfortunately, it was also humid, in the 50 percent range the entire time.

All outside tasks were mercifully cut short, or we gave up. It took us three days to figure out how to unhitch the van. The solution was to use a screwdriver as a lever to force the coupler to give up the ball.

We tried a four-pound sledgehammer and probably a half can of WD-40.

Casita specifies a two-inch ball. Katie had more than a two-inch ball. I couldn’t use the hitch on her van. I bought the correct hitch for my Toyota

Here are the photos. Both hitches have the anti-sway bar ball welded to the hitch. 

Katie’s hitch: hitch old

My hitch:  hitch new-1     With the correct hitch configuration it was a simple matter to hitch up and pull the Casita. I went around the block and parked it off the sidewalk. Originally, the Casita’s tire was on the sidewalk. A resort violation. Streets are for vehicles, sidewalks are for people.

As of 3:30 in the afternoon, the temperature is 111 with the humidity of 46 percent. Still too hot to do any outside work. That includes any work inside the Casita.

I did wash the rugs and adjusted the bathroom door, so it shuts tight. I changed a few lights to LEDs. I stored the large table.

Issues… there are always issues. My flip-phone isn’t data ready. I need a smart phone. I have a 5-year-old Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from ATT. I went there to change from my flip-phone to the Samsung. They said it needed a new battery, but they don’t sell them.

I went to the battery place, who also fix most cell phones. They stuck a battery in the phone. That’s when I found out it wasn’t the battery. Oh, I needed a battery, but there was something wrong with the phone.

It would cost at least $300 fix. I only need a phone for data and all the apps. But I don’t need it until September when I travel to the Pagosa River Campground rally in Colorado.

My son, Arthur, is visiting me in early August. He’s computer savvy. He will help me decide which cell phone provider to use. I’m with ATT and have been for years. I’ve heard lots of folks say Verizon has better coverage.

Lots of RV videos agree serious data coverage requires more than one provider. That is if you absolutely must be online. I might have to exist without 24/7 data access.

Another issue is the Casita title. Katie advertised the Casita as the Freedom model. The title document state “2010 Casita M17FD  TV.”

However, it is a Casita Liberty model. I tried to read the VIN off the trailer, but too much sweat poured into my eyes. I probably need to wear a sweat band and use a flashlight to read the VIN. I will try early tomorrow morning before the rising sun boils the air.

Of course, the Big Item is getting Chris into the Casita. He’s skittish, and any weight on the metal step makes a sound. The sound is enough for him to go into high flight mode. Maybe WD-40<?> In any event, the excessive heat (both inside and outside) hampers my training effort.

As Friday ends, at least I have a hitch and moved the Casita off the sidewalk. My original 53 To Do item list is now down to 36.

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