My dogs are #1

My dogs are #1

The focus of my soon to be published eBook (Challenges and Rewards; A physical and mental journey training my therapy dogs) was the deal-breaker why I selected the Casita Freedom.

According to my intense analysis, I could modify the Freedom layout configuration so Bernie would have enough room without me constantly making him move so I could navigate the narrow floor space. Chris would probably choose to park himself on the queen bed. That is his favorite spot in the house.

Fate decided to interfere with my plans.

Like most potential Casita owners, I had two options. I could order a new Casita from their single manufacturing facility in Rice, Texas. The backlog was at least six to eight months.

My other option was to search for a used Casita. The best place to find a used Casita was on The Casita Travel Trailer Forum.

Casita owners are a very select niche bunch of folks. They are a relatively small group. I doubt there are more than 7,967 members. (Don’t quote me, I have absolutely no idea of the actual number.)

The important number is how many are for sale. Casita has been producing their fiberglass models since 1983. I started my search in June but didn’t expect to find anything for six months.

I got lucky within a month. Katie posted her Freedom for sale, and I spotted it less than 12 hours. After a short telephone tag issue, we chatted, and I bought her Casita Freedom sight unseen. She had the cash within 48 hours.

She agreed to deliver it to me. It was stored in New Ulm, Texas and I live in Surprise, AZ. After a few fits and starts, Katie was on her way, and I got my first surprise when she arrived on the fifteenth of July. She delivered a Casita Liberty… not the advertised Casita Freedom.

After I had gotten over my shock, my initial look inside was another surprise. It had more room for the dogs, and my planned modifications wouldn’t be needed.

The 2010 Casita Liberty shows some wear. Katie bought three new tires and filled the propane tanks. Everything works.

She pulled it with her van. The van’s hitch won’t work with my Toyota, so I’m buying a new hitch.

Here are some photos of my Casita Liberty Casita-1a

The wind was blowing, so are the flags. There is a blemish on the right front side. A doe tried to jump between the van and the Casita while Katie was driving. No damage and it’s watertight. I will see how much it will cost to have a fiberglass guy repair it. (low priority at this time)


This is why I like this Liberty model. There is a lot of room for the dogs. Although I have a much larger table, I prefer the smaller one. The larger table is positioned to link the side seats, to make a queen bed. I will test to see if I am comfortable sleeping on a side seat.

Bernie and Chris have already jumped up on the seats… so I need to cover them with a tarp to prevent their paw nails from damaging the fabric.

The rugs on the floor cover the carpet. Easy to remove and wash…instead of constant vacuuming the carpet. I won’t have a/c while dispersed camping, nor the room to carry a vacuum. Storage is tight in the Casita… such equipment must be carried in the van.

Casita-3a - Copy

The kitchen is tiny… sink and two burner stove top. It isn’t a problem for me. The stove top is behind the open bathroom door.

The bathroom is fine. There is a shower curtain that is effective to keep water away from the toilet seat. Katie stored cleaning materials and other stuff in that container. I will store it in the Toyota.


A very nice sized fridge with the microwave above.

Not in the photo is the ceiling fan, the a/c unit, and the satellite TV. The entire upper area of the casita has storage cabinets. There is also storage under the seats as well as below the sink and stove top.

The storage cabinet next to the bathroom is for hanging clothes. It can be used for other storage.

It’s been too hot to stay in the casita without the a/c.

(a note about why I can’t use the a/c… it trips my house 20amp circuit breaker.)

Yesterday with 54% humidity it was 111. I changed shirts 4 times and probably drank a gallon of water.

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