My 53 item list

My 53-item list   Beyond 2 do list-275

August traditionally brings high humidity to Surprise. I’ve lived here for more than seven years. I am thoroughly acclimated to having 20 percent low humidity. A triple digit of summer’s high temperatures is tolerated.

However, at two in the morning of July 19, 2017, the humidity is 53.82 percent. It’s going to be another 4-shirt change day.

I sweat when the humidity combines with high temperatures. Fully clothed, I look like I jumped into a pool and come out dripping.

But that’s okay. Usually, I sweat from anxiety. Whenever I am mentally focused, I break out sweating. However, today I will sweat in this high humidity

I wear two sweat bands and change shirts. That helps but not if I have to use my hands. Tools slip through my hands. When I manually write, the paper becomes splotched with my sweat.

The computer monitor displays interesting character choices as the tips of my moistened fingers slide from the desired character to the adjacent one.

Sweating will slow down accomplishing those 53 listed items.

Katie left yesterday at noon. We spent most of the morning creating the list. Then it numbered 32.

While she was here, I machine-gun peppered her with questions. It is one reason the list continues to grow. I know it will always grow.

Here are a few of the items on my list. Thankfully, I can accomplish them with a phone call or some computer research.

Make an eye appointment. For the past couple of years, all my driving was local. I drove city streets at speeds less than 40mph. I also had my route memorized.

Tuesday, we enjoyed a delightful drive to Montezuma Castle. It is almost 90 miles north. I had to drive Interstate 17 and then take local roads.

I learned two things about myself.

I have a difficult time read highway signs or direction signs. I’d just gotten new glasses, using my old prescription. Item number one is to call and get a new eye prescription. Local driving I’d memorized my route, I didn’t need to search where to turn. I no longer knew street names. I knew where the store was.

Obtain Arizona Highway Rules of the Road. I was driving on I-17 enjoying the fantastic landscape when a trucker’s airhorn blast rudely interrupted my enjoyment. I didn’t pay much attention. Less than a minute later a much longer blast hit me.

Katie told me to speed up. I was driving 60, and the speed limit was 75. Katie said I was driving too slow. The highways require you drive within ten miles of the posted speed. My slow driving probably kept that trucker from meeting his schedule.

Less than five miles up the road, a police car had pulled over someone. All the cars ahead of me were shifting to the next lane. Katie told me to shift a full lane over, or I could get a ticket. She said it was Texas law. She didn’t know if it was the same in all states, but it sure was in Texas. That’s why my item number two is to find out what the Arizona Highway laws are. All my city driving, especially with winter visitors, rarely has room to shift to the next lane. My experience is driving in a tunnel. Solid vehicle traffic on both sides of me.

Put the hitch on my car receiver and reposition the Casita off the sidewalk. (That’s #1 this morning.) Sunflower Resort has a rule no vehicles can have any part of the vehicle on the sidewalk. Streets are made for vehicles, sidewalks are for pedestrians.

It will take weeks to complete my 53-item list. I know it will grow even longer.


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