It is 3 a.m. on July 17, 2017, and I have yet to enter my Casita.

No, it isn’t occupied by skunks or other critters. There are more powerful forces at play.

After the very challenging Saturday, where Katie ended up sleeping in the van, we thought we would solve the problem Sunday.

We didn’t. The Casita coupler retains its firm grip on the hitch ball mount.


This photo shows how we finally freed the van. We amputated the hitch ball mount from the van’s welded hitch assembly.

The forlorn appendage hangs firmly in the grip of the Casita’s coupler.  

Wait! There’s more. <sigh> When you own an RV, there is always more.

Because it is Sunday, we haven’t been able to find someone to come out and fix our problem. It will have to wait at least until Monday.

Did I mention that the temperature is in the triple digits? Yes, that is another problem.

My 50-foot extension cord is old. Shows several areas along its long length black electrical tape repaired the outer yellow insulation.

That may be part of the reason my 20amp house circuit breaker trips when we try to run the Casita’s air conditioner.

Without a/c working in the Casita, I can’t enter in that furnace. The solution… at least part of it… is to go to Home Depot and buy the heaviest commercial duty 50-foot extension cord. We did that.

However, it doesn’t resolve the 20amp circuit breaker problem. I’m not a qualified electrician. (Actually, I’m using that excuse to hide the fact I’m scared at even approaching the tripped circuit breaker to reset it.)

The 20amp circuit breaker will continue for at least a few days. I’m hoping the Casita Fantastic ceiling fan has enough power to suck hot air out… without blowing the 20amp circuit breaker.

The Casita wins the second round. We are both totally exhausted and retired to take naps.

We decided not to have pizza again and enjoy a terrific dinner at Chili’s . Chiki'es

At this point, I need to explain why I say my life is always an adventure.

Sometimes I cause the mistakes, but most of the time…  well…

With that, you know there is more to our Sunday.

Before we left for dinner, we left Kati’s Heinz special with Bernie and Chris. That put 3 dogs in the house unattended. That proved to be a mistake.

Dinner finished, on the way home, we had a plan. It was now slightly after seven o’clock, and my dogs hadn’t been outside for their second exercise of the day. Daylight was burning, but we had a good 45 minutes before sunset.

Katie remained in the van, and I went into the house to gather the 3 dogs.

I only found two. As I searched the entire house and fenced back yard, I kept yelling the pooch’s name. I think it’s Popi… but even if it isn’t, that was close enough. Since I wasn’t sure of the name… my voice questionably warbled.

It didn’t matter. The canine escape artist wasn’t in the house. As I rushed back to the front door, I yelled, “Where’s the dog?”

Now, this resort has more than 2500 people during the winter season. However, in July there might be 150 people around.

Two of those people just happened to be walking past my house. They heard me and told Katie that a dog had wandered into the resort dog park exercise area. Someone had picked him up and taken him to their lot.

With the lot number, Katie roared off hunting. She had never been here and finding a numbered lot among more than 1100 was her challenge.

Meanwhile, I put Bernie and Chris in the car and went directly to the dog exercise area. Popi wasn’t there. After living here for more than 7 years, I knew how to quickly find and drove there.

Nice people. They have a large dog, and she held Popi in her arms. They feared someone had dropped the dog off. That happens quite frequently these days. They were delighted to know Kati owned her.

Meanwhile, Katie was still frantically roaring up and down streets, trying to find the elusive correct lot number. Using my cell phone called her. We agreed it was a lot easier for her to return to my house. I would bring Popi to her.

That happened. Sunset was less than 20 minutes from causing the entire area to experience a blackout.

With Popi reunited with Katie, we rushed to the exercise area, located outside the resort.

The dogs got their brief exercise.

The Casita won the round because it hadn’t released its prize.

And, I never got to enter the Casita on Sunday.

Maybe tomorrow. Oh yeah… Katie slept in the van again.


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