It’s not personal…

It’s not personal…

Yes, it is. My life is intensely personal.

I love this quiet time. It is exactly 1:22 Saturday morning of July 15, 2017. This is my best time to write. For at least seven years I haven’t been able to sleep more than two or three hours. I use that time to write.

I’ve been medically poked, probed, worn sleep masks, swallowed pills and drank herbal tea. Nothing works.

All the literature and everyone seems to agree the human body absolutely needs between four and eight hours of a good night’s sleep to allow the body to repair, recharge, and otherwise allow effective function day after day.

I don’t get that amount of sleep, and I still function without being sick. It does require some adjustment. I take a lot of health breaks.

My health breaks might be to lay down and actually doze for up to an hour. Or it might mean just sitting and checking for light leaks.

Folks check for light leaks. You see them sitting quietly with their eyes closed. Although some folks could be sleeping, many times they are totally aware of their surroundings. They haven’t tuned out, they are just resting their eyes for a few minutes.

When I check for light leaks, I am seriously attempting to grab a few zzzz’s.

Here’s the point of this blog. “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

I have a problem I am trying to solve. I have worried about it for more than a day. Because the problem has to do with my writing, I let my sub-conscious work to provide the solution.

That usually works, but I’m becoming too impatient. Although I’m not on a deadline, I’m anxious for a solution.

After almost five years, I finally finished my book. Before I can forward it to a publisher, I have to complete a multi-sectioned form. Two sections stop me.

I have to provide a long description of my book. This description is distributed to most retailers. It has to be limited to 4000 characters.

I have to provide a short description. It is also distributed to retailers. It needs to be a single paragraph in complete sentences and limited to 400 characters. To be listed in the Premium Catalog, the description must be at least 50 characters.

That is my dilemma. You would think I wouldn’t have any trouble since I’ve written more than 80,000 words which created more than 100 short stories of my grins and groans training Bernie and Chris to be certified therapy dogs.

Detective Sergeant, Joe Friday in the Dragnet TV series of the 50’s said, “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

I’m stumped trying to distil sharing years of my experiences into 4000 characters, let alone less than 50.

Maybe I need to check for light leaks.

 eBook cover-1  No… that is not me in the wheelchair.

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