My Odyssey — Part 2

My Odyssey – Part 2

This is the initial planning stage… After Katie told me about her wedding.

odssey trip-350 

Who is Katie? What’s with this ‘wedding’?

In the beginning, my plan was a simple one. Buy a used Casita Freedom and travel with my dogs, Bernie and Chris. Nothing extensive. Just boondock fairly local for a couple of days. Do it a couple times each month.

Then I met Katie. I’ve yet to set eyes on her, but she’s already begun to make a huge influence in my thinking. (I may be giving her too much credit)

I bought Katie’s Casita. She is currently bringing it to me. I expect her in a few more days… Right now, it’s Friday evening, July 13th at 96 degrees. It was 121 about three days ago. Rolling thunderstorm last night cooled things down. However, by the time she arrives, the temps will be back in the triple digits.

The wedding: During one of our phone chats, she mentioned she married Tom 59 years ago in Springville, Arizona. Here next sentence totally changed my Casita trip plans. She said, “When the preacher asked how we met, I told him I was kidnapped.”

As usual, instantly I got a great idea. To help celebrate my first trip in the Casita… I would journey back to their wedding location and take a few pictures and mail them to her and Tom. You can’t beat the romantic flair coupled with a reason to go camping.

Back to my original Casita planned trip. That trip is still on the agenda. It will still happen. There is a rally at Pagosa Springs Campground, Colorado from September 14-17.

Looking at the map, I found Springville, Arizona was fairly nearby. River’s have interesting ideas of distances. I decided to include it in my rally trip plans.

I will have to shift a few appointment commitments to make it work. I’m waiting for Katie’s thoughts.

When I pull out of Sunflower RV Resort, do I head for Springville or Pagosa Springs?


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