The box… I never want to open

The box … I never want to open

Another sizzling 115-degree July day as I sit in my office answering some e-mail. Chris gives a short bark, scrambles up from lying next to me and heads for the front door. Bernie, sprawled under the desk, shifts his hefty weight and struggles to his feet. Silently he moseys to Chris. Chris is the guard dog. Bernie takes everything in stride.

I hear a deep thump, and a few seconds later the doorbell rings. Chris, already at the door, starts barking. Bernie is only half-way there. I get up and slowly walk to join them.

By the time I open the door, the delivery driver is gone. There is a very solid cubed box just inside the front porch gate. It easily weighs 55 pounds.

 Casita box cover-1  I know what it contains.

It contains the Casita cover I ordered. I hope I will never have to open the box.

It was only a few months ago… sometime in March, that I acted on my growing excitement to research taking the dogs and travel. I’ve shared more than a half-dozen blogs of my research steps and emotions that thrust me to become so involved in my research process.

Logically, I act as if the event happened. In other words, I will find a Casita and I will buy it. The next logical step is where to store it and how to protect it from the white-hot Arizona sun that takes a terrible toll on unprotected people, animals, and vehicles.

I don’t have a covered place. The Casita will be stored in a commercial storage lot under the blazing sun. With that logic, I bought an expensive cover.

I had a Casita about 7 years ago, and the cheap cover I bought didn’t even last 6 months. The sun and the wind literally tore it apart. So, I bit the bullet and invested almost 600 dollars for a cover. It resides in the box on my porch.

My Casita might be here by the weekend. Katie, who is delivering it, called me from somewhere in Texas. Even though I haven’t seen my Casita yet, I don’t want to store it.

I don’t want it to languish in storage for more than a month before I prepare it for an adventure.

Stored for several months would require me to wrap it up to protect it.

I’ve already got two trips planned in September. I’ve also got trips planned in January or February. I’m sure I can figure someplace to boondock for a few days in October and November.

If Bernie, Chris and I have to live on beans and weens, my desire is to use the Casita to have fun.

The box will stay in storage, not the Casita.  (maybe I can sell it)


2 thoughts on “The box… I never want to open

  1. josephlacey12

    Thaks for putting your blogs in English… wonderful to read and the photos are terrific

    My hiking days are long over. My youthful past wore out many pairs of shoes on hikes and running (I thought I was jogging until I was clocked at 8mph). Now, at 78 I am down to a slow walk so travel in the Casita still allows me to travel to places.


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