My Odyssey

My odyssey

It is midnight, an almost full moon, a balmy 96 degrees on July 11, 2017. At just about seven o’clock, several hours earlier, I was talking with Kathie when it happened.

She made a comment that immediately lodged in my mind, though the exact importance was stuffed in my sub-conscious. There it ripened and made other subconscious connections… seemingly unrelated but subtly woven into a plot.

After the phone call had ended, I took Bernie and Chris for their evening exercise. Watching the dogs exercise, I replayed our conversion and gave only a passing thought to Katie’s comment.

Later, as I watched a movie, I began to relate to the movie’s journey as the sub-conscious plot grew and finally fully emerged as a plan.

Suddenly, my mind connected and the entire plan was so perfect, it had to be carried out. It couldn’t be a coincidence. It was too perfect. It was to be my odyssey.

For a long time, I told people I was different from individuals who know exactly what they want in life. Folks who, from an early age know they want to be a doctor or an artist or some other career. They are focused on achieving that goal.

I never had that insight. My life was like the leaf in a lazy stream, drifting along with life’s current. For the most part, it was a smooth ride, with very few jerky currents slapping against rough banks before being nudged back into the main stream.

Essentially, from the time I was twenty until very recently, I accepted that I happened to be at the right place at the right time for things to happen to me. I didn’t plan them. Good things just happened to me.

In fact, when I did try and plan for success, it didn’t happen. At least when my plan for success was to become rich.

Now, this plan is different. I believe it is my odyssey. It is the reason for the beginning of my life journey.

This would be so easy to “connect the dots” if I was looking back in time, say ten years from now. Then it would be my history. I could point out all the individual incidents, the specific out of the normal daily lifestyle practices.

You know what I mean… We have specific habits. When we deviate from that habit, it is noticed. In my case, the change was subtle. Tiny nudges that weren’t apparent to others. Even I didn’t notice them, until lately.

I was confused. I was uncomfortable but also excited. I was edgy and moody… waiting for something to happen, but I couldn’t understand what I was waiting for.

It was probably sooner, but I think I become aware of my unsettled attitude in November. However, I didn’t consciously decide to act until about February of 2017.

I called it research in March. I still wasn’t convinced but knew I was starting to become excited about the possibility of traveling. Mentally, I struggled with trying to rationalize why I was planning this trip. I used the dogs as my excuse. I used my former RV lifestyle as my excuse. I used to be bored as my excuse. Those were the only three logical excuses I could use.

Anyone who thought they knew me, or at least saw my current lifestyle, would point out the obvious. I was totally comfortable in my home and the community where I lived. I relied on easy access to medical facilities. I hadn’t talked about being unhappy.

Then why was I suddenly totally changing my life by buying a Casita and taking the dogs and traveling? It didn’t make sense.

While I was in Surprise, Arizona experiencing this mental anguish, Katie was also battling with her own demons in New Ulm, Texas. Her situation was the failing medical health of her husband.

The common bond between Katie and I was her Casita Freedom.

In February or March, I began my research on the exact Casita model I required. It was a 17-foot Casita Freedom. Sometime during those months, Katie was debating if she had to put her Freedom up for sale. She hesitated until June.

I don’t recall the exact date in June, maybe the tenth, she posted the ad on the Casita Forum. I’d been checking the forum for almost a month. I saw it within 4 hours. I immediately tried to call her and got her voice mail. After a bit of telephone tag, we were in contact with 8 hours.

After chatting for almost an hour on the phone, Katie agreed to sell it to me. Little did I know how reluctantly she was in giving up the Casita. She later told me she was seeking the right person and that was why she had to listen so long to be absolutely sure I would care for her Casita as much as she did.

All of this background is critical to understanding my odyssey.

My total focus was finding the Casita. I had absolutely no idea where I was going to travel. I knew I was going to boondock as my primary choice for camping. I had only boondocked a couple times more than 7 years. I had no idea where I was going to boondock in Arizona.

That all changed about seven o’clock when Kathie told me that she married her husband at a specific spot in the White Mountains of Arizona.

That place is my odyssey. It will be my first trip in my Casita. To journey to the spot where 59 years ago, Katie and Tom were married. I want to take some pictures to share with them.

That’s the plan.



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