A New Discovery

A new discovery

I should be excited. I’m not. I think I am almost numb.

The discovery is why (possibly) I bought the Casita. Apparently, there were at least two very important reasons.

  1. I bought it for me… so I can travel. However, there is a huge amount of doubt with that simple explanation.
  2. I bought it for the dogs so they can have the freedom to run and play when we are camped in the boondocks.

Buying the Casita for the dogs is straightforward and clear. The only time the dogs are going to really enjoy themselves is when they are outside.

They certainly are not going to enjoy being cooped up in the Casita for hours every day and night.

Our “real home” is an expanded park model. They have about 700 square feet, a dog door, and a small yard. The yard has fake grass rug, and it is shaded from the white-hot Arizona sun.

Now, let me share a bit about my RV lifestyle. I don’t have a huge desire to do the tourist stuff. I’ve done enough of that. I also have had more than my fill of potluck.

In fact, not staying in a campground is exactly why I got the Casita. I want to boondock and be remote from people. That nudges reason number two… bought the Casita for the dogs.

I live in an RV resort (that’s an upscale campground). The dogs have to be on a leash. We live in “close quarters” with the neighbors. Being in Arizona, the resort is considered a winter vacation spot. It is ‘fun time’ for the winter visitors.

Faced with this discovery, I now have a couple of challenges.

First, I have to convince Bernie and Chris it is fun to be squeezed living for hours in the Casita. Just like being in the car for a few hours.

Next, I must figure out how I can adapt to camping for several days and nights without being online. Currently, I have a huge 40-inch monitor, an office that is larger than the Casita, printers and Cox cable internet.

I am 90 percent done with a final edit of my book about my adventures with Bernie and Chris. This is not the time to be totally isolated from my daily workspace.

Naturally, I have to pile on additional challenges. It’s been seven years since I’ve RV’d. My semi-last adventure when using a computer to be connected was using an acoustic coupler in an oven mitt in a roadside phone booth.

My knowledge of ‘hot-spot’ is getting in the car with leather seats after it has been zapped by the Arizona summer sun for a couple hours.

I have a lot to learn.





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