The license plate

The license plate

“You did what!” an unheard voice yelled.

That is what I expect I would hear, had I told people what I had done. I had, according to a lot of logical, conservative folks done something foolish.

I had bought, sight unseen a Casita. Even worse, I had paid cash for it and sent a cashier’s check to a person I’ve never met in, of all places, New Ulm, Texas.

That was about two weeks ago.

Since that time, the owner, Katie, and I have had delightful conversations on the phone. We have exchanged a couple emails too.

She is going to deliver the Casita sometime in July. To some folks, shaking their heads, I can mentally hear their sage Missouri wisdom muttering “I will believe it when I see it.”

I suppose this is a great place to provide a Casita Update. It’s July 6, 2017, and I don’t have a casita parked in front of my house.

However, I do have the title in my name. And I do have this other physical piece of evidence: Casita license plate-A

Although Katie expected to start driving this Friday, the brand new 10-ply tires didn’t arrive until late on the 5th. The new estimated ‘start trip date’ will be next Tuesday.

While I wait, I could put another coat of wax on my shiny license plate… but that would be silly.



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