I am a big fan of self-analysis. thinking-400

My father never turned the air conditioner on in the car. I never knew why… though I think he once told me. I think it had to do with him being stubborn.

Oh, maybe it was he didn’t know how to work the dash to make it work.

That brings me to my own self-analysis dilemma. Am I just stubborn or do I not take advantage of all the gadgets at my disposal because I don’t know how to make them work?

For example, the cruise control on my Toyota Sequoia. I bought this 2003 vehicle to pull the Casita. I am talking about the original Casita more than 7 years ago. The Toyota was top of the line and had all the bells and whistles. I’d never had a vehicle with all the gadgets, and since I’d never used them before, I didn’t bother to know how to use them now. I’ve got a sunroof that has never been opened. I’ve got heated seats that, living in Arizona, I’ve never needed to use.

It’s got cruise control that I’ve never used. I’ve driven more than 100,000 miles and never once used the cruise control. I have a couple reasons for that.

When I was learning how to drive, cruise control didn’t exist. At least I never owned a car that had it. Then, I’ve always enjoyed being in control when driving. When I did have cars with cruise control, it was my choice not to use it.

Last night, I got a phone call from Katie. She is leaving either late Thursday or early Friday to start the drive from Texas to deliver my Casita to me. And that brings me to why I don’t use the cruise control.

You see, a couple years ago, I decided to use the cruise control. When I activated it, it didn’t work. I guess I wasn’t too surprised. At least I didn’t think much about it at the time. I pressed the button, and it didn’t work. Since I never used it anyway, I wasn’t going to spend a lot of money to have it fixed.

It was a logical decision at the time and is still a logical decision. However, it is the wrong decision.

And all because of Katie. During our long-distance phone conversation, she mentioned that when towing, I never wanted to tow in overdrive. It tends to make the transmission heat up and can easily burn out a transmission.

OK, so I told her I only had Drive and 1 and 2 on my gear shift. Where was the overdrive that she mentioned? She didn’t know because she would have to look at my car. It is one of the many ‘Casita walk-through items’ that she will share with me.

I was curious, so after the phone call, I went to the car and got the owner manual. I found out quite a lot. I’m sure you’ve heard that pithy expression, “Read the F###ing Manual!” I discovered I did have an overdrive gear. In fact, I found out that the transmission automatically shifted into the overdrive gear.

You had to press a specific button to unlock that overdrive gear. When you pressed the button, an OD/OFF light appeared in the dash console. The Toyota was designed as a passenger car. However, it could tow a vehicle. To prevent damage to the transmission, when towing I need to be in overdrive. It does affect fuel consumption.

Here’s the big NEWS. The reason I was never able to use the cruise control was I was pressing the overdrive button and not the cruise control button.

You know I am going to pay attention to everything Katie has to share about the Casita and towing. She arrives either Sunday or Monday.


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