I never heard a thing…

I never heard a thing

Sometime Saturday afternoon the first of July 2017 a significant event happened about a football field distance from me.

I live in a park model in an RV Resort in Surprise, Arizona. The temperature was in the triple-digit range. When it’s hot, most folks stay inside. That’s where I was, editing my dog book.

Outside the weather suddenly affected at least four of the park models. A microburst of energy was happening.

A microburst is a violent storm that produces damage in a starburst pattern, with straight-line winds radiating away from the point of impact. That is good news for neighbors. The damage area is relatively narrow in scope.

Here are some photos.


The park model in the foreground used to have a carport attached to it. The carport is laying in the street in the background.  There isn’t too much damage to the park model directly next door.


The debris was flung everywhere. This piece was about 100 feet away in a tree.


  That is the nice thing about a microburst. They can be small… affecting only a few houses.

On the other hand, a microburst can cover a couple of mile area. Here is a major microburst that happened to the Phoenix area on June 16, 2016.

300-7-16-16 microbust phoenix-

So… I was lucky. I was peacefully working in my home. I didn’t hear anything… but only a few streets away terrific damage was happening.


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