#16 Casita update … spending $$

I’ve got the itch, and no doctor can give me medicine for it. I’ve been mentally scratching it for months, but about four o’clock this morning I broke out in with a rash.

Perhaps rash isn’t the correct word. It was already 82 degrees, and the sun was still a few time zones from Arizona. All week it had been triple-digits, and it was only the 22nd of June 2017.

Mentally, I pictured camping by a river with green trees and a sunny blue sky. Pagosa Riverside Cg-300

I was already tired of the white-hot Arizona sky with the blazing sun making plants and people bow their head when outside.

Enough of the fantasy, it was time to scratch that itch. Chris didn’t move as I tossed the light covers off and scooted to the side of the bed. I no longer leap out of bed. If I tried that I’d find myself on the floor. I have an elaborate procedure that eases me from a horizontal position to a stable vertical one.

I still manage to use both arms and windmill a few steps until I am stable enough to walk to the office.

I sat in the chair and made a list. It was an expensive list. Only three items but they would total spending $805.

A mocking thought asked, “How much is a Casita?”

I brushed the inquiry away with a plausible answer that these were investments.

One item I could buy online. The other two items I would have to wait until people went to work, and that was hours from now.

I was starting to satisfy my itch. I had recently bought a used Casita, and I was investing in necessary equipment.

The online purchase was a proper water hose for drinking. Weight and storage have high priority when it comes to RVing.

Although huge motorhomes have lots of storage, the Casita requires thought for every item. RV folks have severe criteria when it comes to what fits in an RV. The item must have more than one function.

For my Casita, there is very little outside storage. I must carry most ‘outside storage’ in my Toyota Sequoia. water hose-300

The high-tech drinkable water hose met two criteria that justified the cost. The durable 50-foot circular, woven lay-flat water hose combined light weight and fit in a small space. I admit I was biased. I’d had one years ago and loved it.

Speaking of storage, I don’t have space where I live to store the Casita. After researching several close RV storage facilities, I found one that I can rent monthly. It will cost me fifty-five dollars. It will be out in the Arizona sun. The sun destroys unprotected items within a few years. When I’ve asked people about RV covers, they made two comments. (1) get a good one, (2) they are expensive.

At eight o’clock, I called CalMark Cover Company and ordered a cover for my Casita. casuta cover-300

I’ve had experience with cheap covers. This time I am investing in their six-year limited warranty. The instruction sheet and tip sheet will help me protect my investment.

My next phone call sealed my commitment to travel with the Casita. Pagosa Riverside Cg-300

Some Casita folks are holding a rally at Pagosa Riverside Campground in Colorado from September 14-18, 2017. I’ve decided to join them. It will be my first rally with the dogs in our Casita. I decided to wimp-it-out and accepted full hookups. For all my bravado about boondocking, I am red-faced. But at least we are going.

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