# 15 Casita Update

The end-300

The above graphic should tell the whole story…

In the world of Joe Friday in the old Dragnet TV series of the 50’s, the classic line was “Just the facts, Ma’am.”

That isn’t my life. My life is filled with high hopes and panic anxiety. I am passionate, and all logic is shoved aside when I experience a great idea.

In this case, my great idea was to own a Casita. I’d owned one in the past.

Once I firmly latched on to this great idea, it became an obsession. I immediately activated my full steam ahead research mode.

That is why the story title is #15 Casita Update. All fourteen previous updates detail intimate thoughts and doubts whether I was crazy to even consider this mad adventure.

The significance of the gold coins is the lending institution determined my Casita wasn’t worth what I was paying for it.

Hah! That tells you what they know about a determined Casita lover! Any serious Casita owner would pay gold to own a Casita.

I found an alternate financial source. I now own my Casita. I’ve decided to name it … My Therapy.


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