It’s gone…

Within a single day, the area Bernie and Chris used to exercise was leveled, and a barrier was erected to prevent us from ever using it again for our exercise.

begin of end-E300

This photo was taken about 7 o’clock the evening of June 19, 2017. Less than 72 hours previously, the dogs had enjoyed exercising by running and play-fighting and investigating the short, stiff wisps of grass. I didn’t see any birds that evening. Dozens of them had been foraging during previous weeks. Although small ground critters were around, except for some black ants, I saw no other sign of animal life.

Monster Invasion

Last weekend I wrote a short article describing how this vacant lot looked before the aliens arrived. The monsters had invaded one small part of the vacant lot. It was the advance group. At the end of Monday, the entire vacant lot was stripped of all vegetation. Additional monster equipment arrived while we watched.

It is always a challenge to find space to exercise my large active dogs. C-B

This spot is less than a mile from our home. Now, I must travel 13 miles to the next exercise area. It’s a wonderful place, but it is 13 miles one way.

With this no-longer-vacant-lot available, I need to look for something closer than 13 miles. The community of Surprise, Arizona is growing. Vacant lots are being absorbed by commercial businesses.

The nearby desert is being destroyed with housing developments. It reminds me of the General Electric 50’s and 60’s motto….  “Progress is our most important product.” Really?

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