I’ve got a story to tell…


Right now, it is 115 degrees on Father’s Day in Surprise, Arizona. It’s five in the afternoon.

My emotions are bouncing off the wall. I’m excited because I didn’t expect to buy a Casita. I’m really both frustrated and scared that Bernie will throw up all over the place and get sick… and could die.

And I am responsible for everything.

Who or what is a Casita and who is Bernie? And even more important… what am I going to do?

Casita is a 17-foot travel trailer. My plan was to explore researching purchasing a Casita and make a decision by March of 2018. I had everything planned out for that date. I never expected to have to make the decision today. But it happened, and it’s thrown my life into a total mess.

An excited mess… but before I can enjoy it, Bernie ate my snack. It was more than a snack, it was enough to be a meal. (A meal I shouldn’t have)

The meal consisted of a bunch of sweets… including M&M candy and other chocolate. It included raisins and walnuts. Although it’s okay for humans, it is poison (or can be) for dogs. Bernie is a dog.

Bernie is an 80 pound Goldendoodle. He’s the result of breeding a Golden Retriever and a Standard Poodle. He’s a five-year-old counter surfer that eats anything he can reach. I left my snack on the counter for probably 15 minutes. I left the house…  all excited to go to the local RV store. It was closed. Disappointed I came home, opened the door and found the snack bowl upside down on the floor.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time my forgetfulness had allowed Bernie to steal my food. But this time it was serious because this time it contained food harmful to dogs.

Picture this… it’s not going to happen. I am not going to try and wrestle an 80-pound dog by trying to wrap my arms around his belly and squeeze him to get him to throw up the contents of his stomach.

Drink milk? Bernie drinks a gallon and I don’t have a gallon of milk in the house. Besides, he’s lying down and isn’t about to get up and amble over to drink anything. I know. I’ve tried to coax him from that position in the past.

He’s supposed to be a trained dog. Well, he is most of the time. He’s just picky about what. Like playing ball. I throw the ball, and he fetches it and brings it back to me. I toss it again, and he gets it and brings it back. I throw it the third time, and I have to go get it. He’s picky.

So, what’s my story? It is more than just a story. It’s a challenge and an adventure. It’s about the Casita. It’s about Bernie and Chris. Yes, I have two dogs. This is where it becomes interesting.

Bernie and Chris (and now the Casita) are my life. They are my therapy. In fact, I’ve decided to give the Casita a name… My Therapy. All Casita owners personalize their travel trailer by naming it. Casita owners are a tight-knit bunch of RVers.

I live for my two dogs. They are my therapy. Bernie and Chris are also certified therapy dogs.  We visit several nursing homes and senior centers each week. They do their magic bringing smiles as people pet them and provide comfort.

Why blog? So, I can share the joy and challenge.

My life seems to be very challenging. Not because I want it to be, or even need it to be. It’s a challenge because I always seem to muddle things up. Like buying a Casita in June 2017 when my goal was to wait until March 2018. Like forgetting to make sure my food was out of reach from counter-surfing Bernie’s reach.

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